The Whiteboard Animation Story

You’ve decided that your business needs a whiteboard animation video for your video marketing campaign online. You are ready to hire a video production company to create one for you. You agree upon a specific budget and a due date when you will receive the finished product and then you upload the video to your site. Sounds like a simple, clean cut and finished process right? But, in reality it does not work that way.

To successfully a create a whiteboard animation video that is unique and captivating, a video production company needs to work closely with the customer to be able to come up with a tailor-made product. If you leave everything to the production company without even providing any input, you might end up with a video that will not yield the desired results.

Creativity first comes from you, the business owner before the video production starts to interpret your vision. And a good whiteboard animation video starts with a good storyboard.

To come up with a good story, you must first know who are your audience? It sounds like a no-brainer fact but there are companies that do not consider this factor and just depend on whatever the production company comes up with. Being able to know your target demographic and market, it will be easier for you to have an idea on how the story should be presented.

Second, start crafting your story. How do you want your message to be presented? Do you want it to be like a sketch video or just text floating around narrating your story. Don’t let your thoughts and ideas go to waste and get a pen and paper and jot everything down. You’d be surprised that going back to your notes, you’ll realize the flow of the story that you want.

Third, now is the time to visit your video production company and start brainstorming the elements of your video. A good video production company would be able to interpret your vision and convert that into video that is effective, creative, and appealing.