Kinetic Typography Videos: Catchy Advertising

Kinetic Typography or Animated Text

Kinetic typography or otherwise animated is nothing new to the world of graphic and film animation. As a matter of fact as early as 1899, a few advertisements created by filmmaker-illusionist George Méliès during that era contained animated letter forms. Kinetic typography is simply a form of video animation where text and motion is combined to impart a message or an idea.

Many may think that kinetic typography is just simply animated text but on the contrary kinetic typography is distinguished into categories that are dependent on the action of the text and not just the mere appearance.

Typically this animated text video is identified into two categories: motion typography and fluid typography. In motion typography the presented text is either presented in a scrolling typography layout or a dynamic typography layout. Scrolling typography is kind of self-explanatory where the text scrolls across, advance, or recede on the screen. In a dynamic typography layout, the text behaves in a specific manner that is related to each other; the layout can be presented in a 2D or 3D plane.

Whereas in fluid typography, there is free movement of text elements and is not bound by location.

In video marketing, kinetic typography videos are the least expensive to produce as compared to black and white whiteboard animation videos and full-colored animation videos since there isn’t too many complexities in creating the video.

If a start-up company is on a very tight budget, animated text videos are the solution. Also, there may be instances where animated text advertising is enough to clearly explain the service or impart the idea to the audience. Example, a reader watches an animated text video; subconsciously the person will end up reading the text along with the narrator and by the end of clip would have clearly understood what the ad or video is about.

If you are interested to get a kinetic typography video or an animated text video for your online advertising needs, there are many companies y on the internet that can create and produce the best videos.