Attracting More Sales with Whiteboard Animation

Raking It In with Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a very effective tool in reaching out to potential customers and convincing the target demographic / market to avail of the service or product that a company is offering and also impart any message or idea of any campaigns launched in the internet. And because of these factors that it is safe to say that whiteboard animation advertising can be a very potent money magnet.

In a typical company that is in the business of selling or offering a service or product, there would be the management people and then the marketing staff and then the sales staff. In some businesses, the marketing and sales department are consolidated to save money. The marketing and sales are then the ones tasked to come up with campaigns and plans to get the word out and convince the market they are trying to reach to avail whatever it is they are offering.

Once the marketing department has started with a campaign, the responsibility is then placed on the sales team to sell. The sales team often works with the information that the marketing department has provided and people employed in sales have to be skilled in the art of persuasion.

This is where a whiteboard animation video can prove to be advantageous especially for companies that have a limited budget. Employing a sales team can be quite costly because of the salaries and commissions that need to be paid out and same goes for having a marketing team because campaigns also require money and the employees need to paid.

Now let’s say you are just a startup company, it would be quite a challenge to maintain the expenses because more people mean more money lost. But by utilizing a whiteboard animation video, a lot of money can be saved. Consider it like a type of guerilla marketing over the internet where a limited budget can still yield the desired results. You will not need an army of salespeople because the characters that appear in the whiteboard animation video also serve as the sales team and not just actors in a storyboard.

Video Marketing Using Cartoon Explainer Videos

The Flexibility of Cartoon Explainer Videos in Video Marketing

Based on internet statistics, by the end of 2014 there will be 3 billion users of the internet. Three billion people, three billion potential and current customers. For internet marketers the issue is how to reach to all those people and offer whatever they are selling or offering and that is where video marketing comes in. Video marketing has proven how effective it can become in terms of convincing people to buy or avail of any product or service being offered. More and more people are buying services and products through the internet each passing day and that is why online marketers are utilizing video to attract people.

Video marketing has several forms like the standard video production that involves the use of actors and a filming crew. Then, there is the use of cartoon explainer videos where animation is utilized to explain a product or service. Cartoon explainer videos are much cheaper to make than the standard video and involves less people but is not short of being effective when it comes to reaching out to the target audience.

What makes cartoon explainer videos effective for video marketing is that this type of videos visually brings out the creativity of the artist while clearly explaining the product or service. Another advantage of using a cartoon explainer video is that characters can easily be modified and be used over and over and still come out unique, creative, and captivating.

The artist can easily come up with several storyboards, character poses, and even modify the character’s skin color, hair, and clothes without any hassle unlike in a standard video production where replacing or changing certain aspects to the character would mean hiring another actor. Another factor that make cartoon explainer videos appealing is the cost, many marketers are not willing to shell out a large amount of money to produce a video. A short standard video can cost a few thousand dollars to create and if the end product does not fulfill what it is supposed to do, meaning the ad fails to attract people’s attention then that would be a big loss to the marketer.